Ik ben sommige teksten over metamorfose / metamorfosetechniek opnieuw aan het lezen en vind hier en daar scherper geformuleerde inzichten. Altijd fijn!

Robert St. John – “Although Metamorphosis is an attitude of mind and very simple to use, we have been indoctrinated over the centuries by structures of thought in religion, philosophy and education in such a way that our ability to think  and function from the level of thought is tied to these same structures and we are not free to “think” from our own inner intelligence. We need some ritual to “unthink” this structure. That, in principle, is what Metamorphosis is. What physical practice there is in Metamorphosis is a symbol for the mind to change all of the indoctrination of the past and to “be come” the present.”

Dit citaat vond ik in mei 2020 op een website die inmiddels niet meer lijkt te bestaan. http://www.metamorphosis4now.com/roberts-articles.php

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